There is a lot of really really bad dating advice out there circulating on social media and blogs. So much so, in fact, that I often cringe. Most of what I read could be bundled into one big pile called ‘Worst Dating Advice Ever’. I hate that, because I know so many women are just looking for answers.

Looking For Answers in All the Wrong Places

Sadly, these women can’t seem to “see themselves” clearly. It’s like holding a photo too close to your face, right? You might be able to see what is obvious and help others…but when it comes to yourself, you can’t even see the tip of your own nose. 

So what do you do? You scour the internet for answers to what you might be doing wrong. This is especially true when it comes to men, dating and relationships. It can be hard to admit to those around us just HOW confused we are….so the internet becomes our favorite place to look for answer.

And here’s something I’ve noticed again and again. The worst dating advice always starts with: “How to GET THE GUY.” Whatever you do, please stay away from any “guru” who’s angle is:

  • How you should act or behave.


  • What you should say, text or do.

All so that you can: 

  • Get a second date.
  • Get your ex back.
  • Or get “him” to fall in love with you.

The Worst Dating Advice

The reason this is the worst dating advice is because the focus is all wrong! It’s asking you to change who you are. It expects you to shape-shift or bend yourself in ways that are often not authentic. And it’s all so you can GET HIM to DO something. The problem is, all that’s teaching you is the “art” of manipulation.

What I teach is less about GETTING the guy, and more about VETTING the guy. Let’s turn the tables and put YOU in the driver’s seat. Can you feel the power shift? Instead of what you need to say or do to hang on to just anyone…we start to ask who they need to be.

  • Is he good enough for you?
  • Does he meet your criteria?
  • What do you like (or not like) about him?
  • Do you even like him or want to be with him?

It’s not enough to pick him simply because he’s picking you!


Even the most accomplished, successful and savvy women fall prey to this kind of dynamic when dating. For so many reasons, how they show up with men isn’t the same as how they show up in other area of their life. And this is when they fall prey to the worst dating advice!

You Know You Deserve More

If you’re ready to stop: 

  • Dabbling with the free + awful advice out there on the internet (that anyone can post).
  • Putting out fires by only REACTING to situations because you’re listening to the shallow BS that will keep you single.
  • Trying to fix things on the surface without ever going deeper.
  • Saying you’ll eventually ‘deal with this problem’.
  • Keep trying and trying to get into a relationship but continue doing the same things over and over.

And you’re finally ready to put an end to kicking this can down the road while hoping something will change….

then Book a FREE Love Breakthrough Session with us!

On this call, we’ll spend 75-90 minutes talking about your obstacles, fears and beliefs. Together we can determine if the deep work we do is a fit to help you have the dreamy love you desire.

Successful, Powerful Women CAN Find Love

These Love Breakthrough sessions help you kick the worst dating advice to the curb and get real about finding love. However, they are only offered to women who are:

  1. Ready to deal with this painful problem NOW. Not later, when it’s convenient, after COVID or after the kitchen remodel… NOW! No more avoiding or denying that your otherwise amazing life isn’t as meaningful without a lover to share it with!
  2. Stable emotionally, professionally and financially. You need to be ready to invest time, energy, focus and finances. You need to want to work on yourself and become the best version of yourself possible. This is so that love can EASILY come into your life!
  3. Willing to acknowledge that you are the common denominator. You are finally ready to see what you’ve been doing (subconsciously) to block love from happening. More importantly, you’re prepped to learn how to change it and what to do differently.

If that sounds like you, then we’re inviting you to book this FREE Love Breakthrough session with us. (Please make sure to complete the application too- all appointments without applications are cancelled!)


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