Women take breaks from dating for a LOT of reasons. I’ve head reasons like it is exhausting, time consuming, confusing and distracting from life. Especially once you get into “mini” relationships that last 1-2 months, getting to know somebody better, and you start to let your walls down and then it doesn’t work out. Women become exhausted when they just can’t deal with another let down or heart break.

 Taking a break from dating is a lot like sitting on the bench as a football player while everybody else is out there playing. Taking a break from dating creates fear around getting back out there. It creates a space to think of all of the “what-ifs” that surround dating. The longer you sit on the bench, the longer it takes to get back out there. You lose your confidence, mojo and sense of worthiness.

Sometimes, you may even be going through the motions of dating, but your heart just isn’t in it. You may have baggage attached to the process, thinking it won’t work anyway. You are showing up on the field not even believing that you can win! How does this affect your results? 

Before you know it, time passes and you start to identify with being the woman who has it all, but love. You start to get comfortable and used to the struggle. The bench is your safe space. You won’t get hurt on the bench. So there you sit, on the bench, wanting love but not getting it or going after it! 

When you do decide you’re really finally ready and you get back out there, what happens? You get knocked back down. Why? Because nothing has changed. The way you date isn’t different You still date the way you were dating when it wasn’t working for you before!  

In this video, we explore why taking a break from dating can actually be a bad idea. Whether you’re just exhausted, confused or distracted, there is a better way to deal with this. Listen for all of the goodies on dating and how to avoid feeling like you need to “take a break”.

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