When Should You Move In Together
When Should You Move In Together?

When Should You Move In Together? A super important question, not to be taken lightly. Done without care- moving in at the wrong time could destroy your relationship. If you are wondering when to move in with your boyfriend or girlfriend, then today’s video is for you!

I love helping determine when should couples move in together– it’s an exciting time and a confusing time- and for some couples a very tense time!

Often one person is ready before the other and that is totally normal. But, many couples make this very important decision based on the wrong criteria and that can have disastrous consequences for the relationship.

Here are 5 reasons NOT to move in together:

1. Someone’s Lease Is Ending. Deciding to move in together because someone’s lease is ending means you are making the decision to move in together based on timing- housing. Why make such an important decision about your relationship based on something as random as that?

2. You already spend all your time together anyway and hauling personal items or going back and forth has become a hassle. If you make the decision to move in together for this reason, you are making it based on convenience. Love isn’t always convenient!

3. Similar, but not quite the same- you already spend all your time at one person’s place- so you think why spend the money on two apartments? Let’s save money and move in together since we are already together all the time anyway. BIG MISTAKE!

4. To save the relationship- when one of you wants to move forward and the other is a bit more methodical or careful and wants to go slower. Please do not agree to move in together and acquiesce just to please your partner and to save the relationship. This is too much pressure and it’s so much better to make this decision together when the time is right for both of you.

5. One of you is moving to be in the same city. Bye bye long distance relationship. Good for you that you are ready for this next step- but please DO NOT move right in together. Slow down and take the next incremental step by getting your own place and dating in the same city prior to moving in together.

So, when should you move in together? Only the two of you can determine this but please make the conscious decision together- and the ONLY criteria you are considering is whether your relationship is ready for this big next step and you both are wanting to move forward. Make this important decision about your relationship… about your relationship ONLY and  you are likely to have HOT. HEALTHY & HAPPILY EVER AFTER!


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