VIP Days

An immersive deep
dive experience

For the extraordinary human who likes to take fast action, get the highest level support to create dramatic results in their life and business and do it fast! 

Select an area (or 2, or 3) of your life, business or BEING that feels stuck and let’s take a deep dive together

Let’s fast track your success with a solution- focused, intensive and immersive experience with me…

Combining strategy, psychology AND energy to get you on track and moving forward NOW.


+ mindset shifting…
+ energetic lifting…
+ focus redirecting…
+ magic making…

Like a chiropractic adjustment for your psychology, mindset and BEING.

Here’s what’s included:

+ Pre VIP day call with me

+ 3 Hour Intensive zoom session

+ 1 Month of email/voxer support

+ 1 Follow Up call

+ Supporting documents, spread sheets, templates and tools

($10k deposit non refundable)
$15k due prior to VIP day

From a coaching perspective, your materials are freaking amazing!! I can’t imagine how much time you put into all of this. Thanks for being a fabulous example of excellence! You lit a fire under my butt and I have a wait list of clients wanting to work with me.

– Carol

8 days after just one coaching call, I raised my fee (after trying for 2 years) and got my first client at my new price. Then just 10 days later, I got two clients in one day! I’m shitting in my pants! Thank you a thousand times over!!!

– Kellie D.

Here’s how it works:

+ Put deposit of $10k

+ Book the Pre-Call

+ Complete your prep form

+ Sign up for Voxer app

($10k deposit non refundable)
$15k due prior to VIP day

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