the color code personality test and your relationship

The Color Code; Personality Differences And Your Relationship!

They say opposites attract, which is really great until you disagree with or don’t

understand your partner, right? While it’s wonderful to have a partner who has strengths

in areas you lack, it can be really hard when their weaknesses show or when their

priorities or desires differ from yours. I’m here to introduce you to a tool that can help

improve your marriage when applied right. It’s called the Color Code.

The Color Code is a personality test that categorizes people into four different

personality types: Red, Blue, Yellow and White. At the Color Code, we believe people

are born with an innate personality that comes with a driving core motive (motive in life),

strengths and limitations.

For example, the Red personality is motivated by power. Reds are great leaders and are

action-oriented and proactive. They can also be selfish and arrogant. If you’re married to

a Red, you may feel like they don’t listen to you and this might make you feel like they

don’t care about what you have to say. But if you learn more about their personality

through the Color Code, it can help you understand why they act as they do and it can

help you be more patient with them. In return, when they learn about the Color Code,

they can identify some of their negative traits and work to change them. Sound


Each personality can benefit from learning about themselves and their partner. This will

help them play up their strengths, recognize their motive in life and try to work to

overcome their limitations. They can also learn more about their partner so they can be

more patient with their limitations while appreciating the rosy parts of their personality

and understanding their motive and how it affects decisions they make. The next time

you’re having a marital fight, each partner can examine their motives and the areas they

can compromise in, and knowing about the Color Code and how it applies to them may

illicit a few laughs, too!

In order to use the Color Code to improve your marriage, start by taking the assessment

here: ( Next, ask your spouse to

take it. Once you both know your colors, learn the basics of your personality by viewing

the photos below.


the color code personality test and your relationship the color code personality test and your relationship the color code personality test and your relationshipthe color code personality test and your relationship

Now that you know your strengths, limitations, wants and needs, let’s focus a little more

on motive. Like I mentioned earlier, Reds are motivated by power. Reds can be really

career/leadership driven, which makes sense, because they are motivated by having

that power and being in charge. If you or your spouse is a Red, it probably makes sense

now why you make certain decisions or have chosen a certain life path.

Blues are motivated by intimacy. This means their motive in life is to connect with others

and build strong relationships. If you or your spouse put a lot of effort into maintaining

close relationships and/or enjoy having deep life talks with friends or even strangers,

they are probably a Blue.

The motive of the White personality is peace. Whites are those who are happiest when

they feel at peace inside their hearts and in their life. They are peacemakers and very

kind people and they avoid conflict at all costs. Since Whites are motivated by peace, it

makes sense that they don’t want to be involved in anything that would cause stress or


The Yellow personality is motivated by fun. To state the obvious, they are at their

happiest when they are having a blast. They are really great at living in the moment and

finding joy in simple things they find fun. If you or your spouse are Yellow, you may be

the type who enjoys playing hooky from work to go skydiving!

Understanding the motive that comes with your spouse’s Color Code personality is

crucial for marriage improvement. If you understand your spouse’s driving core motive, it

can explain where they’re coming from, and even if it’s different from where you’re

coming from, you can better understand them and get to the root of a disagreement.

For example, if your spouse is a Yellow and they buy surprise tickets to Disneyland, it

may frustrate you if you are a Blue and want to have security (be it financial security or

security in your schedule.) However, if you recognize that their motive in life is to have

fun, you can take a step back and realize they are just trying to fulfill that.

These are just the basics of the Color Code, but having this knowledge can help you get

on a path to improve your marriage.

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This guest post was written by Megan Christensen. She graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho in 2014

with a Bachelor’s degree in communication. She previously worked as the head

writer for and is now the digital content manager for the Color Code.

Her core color is Blue, but she is almost just as White.

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