How To Stop Caring What Other PStop caring what other people thinkeople Think


I get really fired up when talking about this issue- and I do so in this Facebook Live video. (I cuss a lot haha)
The reason I get so fired up is because when you care so much about what people think of you, it causes you to alter and edit yourself… sometimes to the point that you are no longer being yourself.

When you can stop caring what other people think of you, you are able to just BE. You are free to express yourself without thinking about it so much- you can be less self conscious, life is easier and you are able to just be in the moment. Rather than trying to read other people’s minds and figuring out what it is that they want from you- what you THINK they want you to be.

When you care what other people think of you, you are saying THEIR opinion matters more than your own. Why would you put so much value on the opinion of others? Why do THEY matter so much?

If this is something that you do, then you are likely not being truly authentic with people in your life, you aren’t experiencing REAL connection with people and are probably doing a lot of things you don’t want to be doing- or are saying things that aren’t true for you- or you end up being awkward.

The truth is… people can feel this from you and it is a turn off. They want to know they can trust you to just be yourself- to state the truth as it is for you. That gives them certainty and comfort with you. And no one expects you to be, do, think or say anything that ISN’T the truth for you.

If you want to stop caring what other people think of you, it comes down to making the decision that you no longer live to please others- and instead start being true to yourself.




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