"Sorry" really can be the hardest word

Do you or your mate, or even a family member or friend struggle to apologize? Do the words “I’m sorry” go unspoken even when it is clear to all involved that they need to be said? Read my article published on the GoodMenProject to understand why the words don’t come so easily for some, the impact it has on relationships and tips for non-apologizers to own up!

Love does mean having to say you’re sorry.  Here are 4 ways to untie your tongue and begin reconnecting.

Why is it just so difficult for some of us to apologize? Two small words, “I’m sorry,” can feel stuck like glue on the tips of our tongues. We may know the words need to be said, but we just can’t spit them out.

I remember the first time I had to apologize as if it were yesterday. We were at the pool as we often were during the summer. My parents were not around and I was about 5 years old. I tossed a dime-sized stone up into the air and jumped into the pool. It wasn’t until a mother and teen daughter approached me that I learned the stone had actually hit someone.

The two strangers looking down at me, informed me of what I had done and asked me to apologize. I felt small, bad and embarrassed; as if something was wrong with me, not that I had done something wrong. Without the reassurance or protection of a parent I also felt alone.

This experience in isolation was probably not enough to cause this reaction in me; it could also be that I never heard either of my parents apologize to each other or to us kids. I never learned to apologize with ease and grace..

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