Are you dating with a lot of self-doubt and second guessing? If so, that means you are having trouble trusting yourself. When it’s time to make decisions, trusting yourself is key!

Your Own Best Interest

You have to trust yourself if you want to be able to make solid choices or act in ways that are in your best interest. When it comes to dating, that’s the difference between getting a great guy instead of another dud. Once you’re in a real relationship, self trust is essential if you want to keep self-doubt away!

After all, there are hundreds of decisions, both large and small, connected to sustaining long-term, healthy relationships.
As you navigate dating, and then go on to sustain an ongoing, healthy relationship, you have to be able to trust in yourself to have your own back and to make good decisions.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done…especially if you’ve made some bad decisions in the past!

Don’t Overanalyze!

Bad decisions in the past can make you hypersensitive to messing up in the here and now. And this means you likely overanalyze a lot. You’re also likely to live with anxiety and uncertainty. These things might plague you, possibly not just in your love life, but in many other areas of your life as well.

From work, parenting, friendships, AND dating…self-doubt can creep in and sabotage your hopes and dreams in a heartbeat.
This is no way to live sweet lady!

Not being able to trust yourself to get your own back prevents you from moving through life with ease and confidence. When you have to think (and overthink) about your every move, it costs you so much!

Right now, self-doubt is costing you:

+ Precious time
+ Heartache, loneliness and lots of disappointment
+ Your dream of a loving, passionate and fun companionship
+ Your mental health or well-being (anxiety or not being as happy as you could be)
+ Possibly your physical health
+ Connections with others

And so much more!

Overcoming Self-Doubt

If you were this uncertain in your job, would you be as successful as you are? A big fat NO, right? So then why does dating feel so hard?

This whole self-doubt thing is a major problem. If you aren’t certain of yourself, your worth, or what you are doing…then how can you be successful?

If you feel like:

+ You are lost, confused or clueless as to why the men you are interested in don’t pursue you while the ones you aren’t interested in do…or
+ You’ve had a lot of great first dates but then don’t get a second… or
+ You get about a month or two in and right when you allow yourself to get excited, it fizzles, he ghosts you or backpedals and says he’s not really ready for a relationship…or
+You WILL NOT be able to stop this from happening again and again….

It’s time to do something about it!

Stop the Madness

Here’s the thing; you can’t change what you don’t understand isn’t working. I don’t care how smart, successful or accomplished you are, you can’t see the tip of your own nose right now. You need help!

Book a Free Love Breakthrough with us so we can help you get super clear about what is actually going on here. We’ll show you the quickest path to breaking this cycle of drama and disappointment. You will get more a-ha’s in this 75-90 minutes than you’ve had in the last 15-20 years of self help or counseling!

But here’s the catch… this call is not for everyone.

We are absolutely booked solid right now, and usually only have a few spots left at any given time. Because of that, I’m only willing to speak to you if you:

1. Are ready and committed to making your happiness and your love life a priority right now! There is nothing more important than this. You know it’s holding you back from living out your fullest potential. Something is missing, and it’s keeping you from being as happy as you could be. You are done settling for having “Everything But Love!”
2. Value personal growth and being the best version of yourself possible.
3. Are solid and established in other areas of your life (professionally, socially, emotionally and financially) so that you are able to focus on creating the results that you want. You’re ready to invest your time, energy and finances into achieving this goal!

These limited spots will fill up quickly, but if you meet the criteria above…then we would love to help you.

Book your call here:

Imagine how it would feel to wake up every morning without the anxiety and burden of self doubt. What if you weren’t constantly second guessing yourself? What if you felt totally free, relaxed, easy breezy and sure of yourself?

It’s life changing! So don’t go another day without feeling like you have all you need to be just as successful in love as you are in all the other areas of your life.

Much love,

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