Saying NO To Less Than You Deserve Is A Form Of Self-Love

In this video I share a very personal story of how I said “no” to something that wasn’t working for me, even though I wanted it more than anything in the world. Back when my husband and I were still dating and living together, I wanted to move forward in the relationship but felt he wasn’t as invested. He was not as engaged in the relationship despite carrying on and going through the motions.

My gut told me he was half in and half out. Even though I was in love with him and was ready to move forward in our commitment, I broke up with him and asked him to move out. This was THE hardest thing I’ve ever done and I was heart broken. But, being with someone who wasn’t sure about me and our relationship was not enough for me. I knew I deserved more- to be with someone who was 100% certain and loved me back.

Saying NO to less than you deserve is a form of self-love!

This was a major demonstration of my own self-respect and self-worth. I set a boundary and stood up for myself despite the pain it caused me. I took action and did was was in my own best interest instead of settling for less than I deserve. The growth I experienced because of this big bold action was tremendous. I learned I can take care of myself, get my own back and protect my best interests. THIS is the ultimate in self love. I wish the same for you. Where can you find moments in your life to take a stand and do what is best for you? It may not be as dramatic, but with ever decision you make that honors who you are and what is best for you, you grow your sense of worth and self- trust and self-reliance. Want help learning how to do this for yourself? Click HERE to schedule a call with me:


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