Sandy came to us stuck in a rut and frustrated from years of therapy, attending retreats and other online programs to solve her problems. She just felt like giving up. Sandy identified with everything in Hilary’s love masterclass webinar which inspired her to book a Love Breakthrough Call. She was scared to death of the unknown and felt this was just going to be another thing that wouldn’t work…another disappointment.

On her call with Hilary she felt differently and that this would finally be what was going to get her out of a bad spot. Hilary pushed her and made her think this is someone who is going to push me to be more than I am right now and to let go of the Sandy that I was before.

She was right and the LOVE + Be Loved Program has improved her life tremendously.

The old Sandy was dating people who were unavailable and felt there were no good guys out there who would treat her well and in turn attracting these exact type of guys. The new Sandy knows she’s worth it and how she deserves to be treated and with this new mindset is no longer attracting those types of men.

She continues to see a difference in how she shows up dating and the way she works with her agents and communicates with her managers.  Sandy’s entire outlook is positive, she is no longer scared and knows she can accomplish anything.

Sandy was able to make this transformation and break lifetime patterns by committing wholeheartedly to the program through attending or listening to every weekly call, completing all of the modules and leaning on the group of women for support.

Sandy’s Advice: You have no other choice than to invest in yourself. Put the leg work in and take the leap of faith! If you are very comfortable in an uncomfortable situation because that is your norm and if you’re really resisting you should take a look at this because it’s what you need.

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