In this episode of H3, Hilary turns conventional thinking about romantic love on it’s ear. Most of us grow up believing that our spouses will love us unconditionally- and that is what constitutes true love! But romantic love is NOT unconditional and thinking otherwise is dangerous for your relationship. You cannot neglect, mistreat, dismiss or ignore your spouse and expect them to stay in love with you. And, you cannot let yourself go and expect them to stay attracted to you; physically as well as mentally, intellectually, psychically or spiritually. To keep the love and passion alive for the long term, both partners must show up in full, each and every day the best version of themselves possible; and that includes how we treat each other. Take care of yourself, take care of your partner and take care of your relationship and THAT is the only way to keep the love alive for the long term!

Hilary Silver, LCSW is a marriage therapist and relationship counselor in Denver, CO, and the creator of Hot, Healthy & Happily Ever After. She specializes in helping men, women and couples learn the secrets of keeping the love and passion alive for the long- term. Visit for more information!

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