Everyone knows what red flags in a relationship are. Right? We’re talking the BIG things that send you running. And since they’re so obvious, we usually catch them (unless we’re in denial!). The things that trip us up, however, are often the pink flags. Pink flags are the “grey area” of warning signals. They’re sort of present, and we sometimes see them…but they aren’t as easy to read as a red flag!

Noticing the Pink Flags

Okay….seeing a red flag doesn’t always mean we heed those warning signs and walk away from the potential trouble. In fact, often the red flags get ignored or minimized too. Or worse, women see them, but then they doubt themselves and question their own judgment.

BUT, red flags are definitely the issues we see that are obvious. Like, he says he’s fresh out of rehab, or asks if you would do a threesome on a first date (I’m not making this up). Buh bye (and good riddance)! For sake of this article, I’m going to assume you’re on top of your red flag game.

So the big question is…do you trust yourself to notice the pink flags? The things that aren’t so obvious?

These are the situations that have you second guessing yourself. They’re subtle, and you can feel like you risk embarrassing yourself if you misread things. Often, we feel most conflicted about these pink flags.

It can feel like if you react in one way, maybe you’re overreacting. But if you react in another, you question if you’re being a doormat.

Let’s Get Real

For example, what if you’re four dates in. Things seem to be going well, but then he doesn’t call when he says he’s going to. A few days later he texts to apologize…and tells you his dad was just diagnosed with brain cancer.

It’s a pickle for sure. Right? If you express your disappointment in his lack of communication, you’re insensitive. But if you’re understanding and it’s not really true, (or even if it is) you feel like a pushover.

So what do you do?

Now let’s add to that pink flag scenario..

What if you noticed he was active on Match during the couple of days he didn’t reach out?

You weren’t exclusive, so did he do anything wrong though…right? Maybe not. But at the same time, he said he was going to call, and he didn’t. And of course the reason he said he didn’t call was because of his dad’s diagnosis. (Shouldn’t that have put a damper on Match too?!)


Knowing how to navigate these tricky situations is super important. That because knowing how to read the pink flags will either make or break your opportunity with someone. It also’s a skill that can either perpetuate the patterns of disappointment…or help you break free!

You Deserve the Best

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