How to have more passion in your life!

how to have more passion in your life







Passion is a mysterious thing and can be hard to describe, define and often remains elusive for so many people.

For the last 15 years, men and women come share with me how they love their partner but there is no passion in their relationship. They wonder if they should stay out of loyalty or go in order to find it with someone else.

The truth is… “only passionate people have passionate relationships.” If you aren’t a passionate person, it’s unfair to expect there to be passion in your life or your relationship. That is a totally unrealistic expectation. You get out of something what you put in!

So my best tips for how to have more passion in your life and in your relationship, is to get in touch with your own inner fire, starting with your opinions.

Start tuning in with your emotional world- what fires you up, pisses you off or moves you? What ABOUT those things has that effect on you?

Your emotions are your greatest source of wisdom for you about who you are and you likely have spent your entire life NOT tuning in but rather tuning OUT. Start paying more attention to how you FEEL about things and there you will start to find what matters most to you.

Let yourself FEEL those overwhelming feelings in response to the situations- don’t be afraid of them, that is your PASSION speaking to you. And that is the very best way to get started and how to have more passion in your life!

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