How To Have Passion In Your Life
How To Have Passion In Your Life


Passion. That is one of the most curious and elusive emotions for so many people. And how to have more passion in your life is one of the most asked questions I get. What creates passion, what does it feel like and it sounds amazing… how can I have some?

Well, in my opinion passion between people begins with passionate individuals. If you aren’t a passionate person, then it’s not fair or realistic to expect you’ll have a passionate relationship.


If you don’t have opinions and know what you think or feel, then you can’t be passionate about something. Imagine your favorite crusader… an historical figure or even a character in a movie. They fought for something they believed in and their passion changed the world or at least moved you to tears in the film. THAT is what you need to find in yourself.

THEN, once you understand and know this… you must SHARE it. It is in allowing yourself to be seen by others allows them to experience your passion. And in your relationship, when two people show up, ready to fight for what they believe in, they experience passion in their relationship. This may cause conflict or friction- but what creates heat? Yes… friction is what creates heat.

Having an amazing relationship begins with you. Having passion in your relationship begins with having passion in your life. And having more passion in your life begins with discovering your self and the willingness to share that openly in the world and with your lover. Don’t blend in, dim your light, keep your thoughts or feelings to yourself… share it and be seen and known for who you are. Don’t be afraid to rock the boat or cause disturbance.

On today’s show I share my own story of finding my passion and what it takes for you to find yours. It begins with really truly knowing yourself. What do you care about… wonder about… and think about? What is important to you? What pisses you off? Noticing how you feel and your emotional reactions and responses to things will be the best indicator for you.


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