If you’ve ever been in an on-and-off relationship, you know how excruciating it can be. It’s the ultimate non-committal state of being with someone:

When you are together it’s great! So you are IN. 

But Then Things Go South…non-committal

He decides to end it because he has ‘issues’ keeping him from being all in with you. 

Or, you break up because he isn’t giving you enough to meet your needs.

BUT- you two can’t seem to let go of each other permanently, and being together is better than being alone. So you get back together again.

For most women I speak with, it’s usually HE who leaves to pursue some other interest. And then it is HIM who decides he can’t live without you, so comes back. And this can happen over and over for years.

There are SO many problems with on again- off again relationships. Here are just a few:

  1. They are a total waste of time. Years can slip by while you settle for someone who won’t commit to you. (The longest I’ve heard is 15 years on and off with the same man- seriously  HEARTWRENCHING)!
  2. It completely F’s with your head and your heart. Non-committal relationships damage your self-esteem and self-worth, leaving you feeling not good enough or deserving of love. All because he won’t choose you or fight for you!
  3. You are settling for ‘better than nothing’. You’ll take a little good with this man, rather than waiting until Mr. Amazing comes along and offers you the WHOLE package.

And here’s the worst of it all…

  1. You are giving up your POWER and acquiescing to him. It’s up to HIM whether you are together or not. If he wants in… you are back together. If he wants out…you break up. And when you take him back every time, you render yourself powerless in your life.

You have NO control of your life in general because THIS has you all tangled up and your heart on a string!

On and Off Relationships Can Keep You STUCK for YEARS!

STUCK and unable to move forward because your heart pines for him. It’s as if you are tethered to an anchor holding you back. And this is likely exactly where he wants you! Waiting for him so he can have what he wants when he wants it!


You’ve been in the boxing ring without someone in your corner for way too long! You’re out there all on your own, not knowing how to WIN and get what you want in love!


  • Imagine having ME in your corner to navigate dating at every turn.
  • Imagine having ME in your corner to decide how to be ALL IN OR GET THE F OUT with an on and off relationship.
  • Imagine having ME in your corner to answer all your embarrassing questions or teach you how to handle awkward situations with ease and grace!

It’s Time to Break Through

The first step is a simple and FREE Love Breakthrough call. We’ll spend 75-90 minutes with you for FREE. And on this call we will talk all about your love life obstacles and challenges as well as what you deeply desire and long for in your life.

These calls are for highly accomplished professional women who are DONE with settling for having ‘everything but love’ and READY to do something about it. If you’re a tire kicker or need me to convince you that your love life can be different or that you need to take action to change this, then we are not a fit! But if you’re a decisive woman ready to finally have the relationship of your dreams in 2020, let’s talk NOW! There will never be a better time.

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