Catapult your business to the Next Level without working more, pushing harder or trying yet another complicated strategy.

Leadership and business coaching for ambitious visionary women who are ready to claim other-worldly success in business and in love.

You’ve built a successful business you’re proud of…


You want more…

The truth is…

You are meant for more and to have it ALL!

A beautiful love.
The thriving business.
A life of impact, purpose and fulfillment.

This bigger, deeper and more fulfilled life has been calling you forward.

This is a SOUL call for women who are ready to take big bold juicy action and go ALL IN on actualizing their extraordinary dreams.

This is who you are, what you do and how you live.

But here's the caveat.

To become extraordinary and grow your business and your life to that next level…you’ll have to step into the next level version of yourself.

And that my friend…cannot be done alone.

I invite you into my world


calibrate to my super manifester energy

immerse yourself in my multi-7 figure vibration

evolve your mindset, narrative and psychology

expand your capacity for everything more


my guidance, coaching and mentoring to rise to visionary status

When you’re stuck not breaking through to the next level…

It's time to commit to the the internal work.  This is success...from the inside OUT.

It’s how I went from a six figure/year therapist to a multi-7 figure love coach in just 3 years.

Because if I know you...and you're anything like me.  You don't have a strategy have an identity problem.

Here’s the truth – 

Next Level success is less about what you are DOING… and more about WHO YOU ARE when you’re doing it.

It's who you are BEING!

Here’s the formula: Be + Do= HAVE

Strategy + Tactics = DOING 

Thinking + Believing + Feeling= BEING

No. We’re not talking about funnels, social media or blogging… (snooze)

This is serious higher level Sh*t

Using neuroscience, behavioral psychology and the energetics of manifesting, you’ll

breakthrough your own bs

release your limiting beliefs

silence your inner critic

unlock your fullest potential

Then, take this next level you into the heart (sales) and soul (leadership) of your company and

become a masterful soulful selling machine

become the inspirational visionary leader your clients and team need you to be

become a super manifester and energetic magnet for all that you desire and beyond

increase your capacity for more clients, revenue and results

grow your team without fear and feeling pressure

create systems and automation that keep things flowing like a well oiled machine

scale your existing offer beyond your wildest dreams

step into the inspirational visionary and leader your company needs you to be!

Become the next level
version of yourself

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learn from the

real deal

Hi Gorgeous,

I’m a world renown clinical psychotherapist turned master coach, mentor and advisor to ambitious high achieving women who want MORE!

What started as a simple brick and mortar therapy practice 20 years ago, has grown into a multimillion dollar women’s empowerment company.

Our programs combine neuroscience, emotional intelligence and cognitive tools with spiritual activation techniques to help women become the most vibrant, capable and powerful version of themselves so they can get everything they want!

Getting here was a serious test of my will. It took 4 years and over $100k in programs, coaches, PR, soul crushing trial and error and pure determination to close the private practice but since I cracked the code – I’ve been unstoppable.

And now I’m teaching YOU what it REALLY takes to breakthrough to the next level.

Become the next level
version of yourself

The YOU who knows how to create the next level business and live that next level life!

Transformation comes when practical entrepreneurial advice meets deep personal growth!

I am a Champion for my clients’ highest capacity.

What I love about my clients, is no matter their business, we all share three core values

a  fierce and defiant commitment to  achieving the next level

radical responsibility and personal accountability

spiritual depth and curiosity

And together we create magic.

How we can work together;

My minimum agreement is three months, but most clients work with me for a year or more as the potential of our work is infinite.

The investment to work with me ranges from $25,000 to $100,000 and my clients understand our work is both necessary and priceless.

My life is forever changed by this experience and worth every dollar I invested in myself. Update: I’m in Hawaii working on the documentary film of my dreams. Thank you, Hilary!

– Sara P.

8 days after just one coaching call, I raised my fee (after trying for 2 years) and got my first client at my new price. Then just 10 days later, I got two clients in one day! Thank you a thousand times over!!!

– Kellie D.

From a coaching perspective, your materials are freaking amazing!! I can’t imagine how much time you put into all of this. Thanks for being a fabulous example of excellence! You lit a fire under my butt and I have a wait list of clients wanting to work with me.

– Carol

2020 was my best year ever. I took my business from less than a million to 5.4 million and my income went up 5 fold. I accelerated after doing the program realizing how my ‘not good enough’ was getting in my way.

– Ruth G.

Become the next level
version of yourself

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