... and you’re invited.

I’m coming out of the business closet and getting honest AF…
It’s time for the naked truth about men, money, and having it ALL!

Join me LIVE Friday, March 25, at 1pm MST, for an online event unlike any I’ve done before...

I’ve been quietly growing an empire and haven’t been vocal about it –
until now.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been slowly emerging and sharing my other-worldly success along with all that my company has been able to accomplish in the last 4 years…

And I’m thrilled to invite you to discover my best-kept secrets of how I went from a 6 figure/year brick and mortar therapist…

… to a mogul with a multiple 7 figure women’s empowerment company.

In my upcoming event, “Getting Naked,” I’ll be sharing my story:

How I’ve become a super-manifester

How I overcame incredible obstacles and limiting self-beliefs

How I shut down my own inner critic

How I became a multi-millionaire… in the LOVE COACHING space (just in case you thought I was “just another business coach”)

And, above all, I’ll be sharing why I know what worked for me will WORK FOR YOU.

After all, why would you listen to someone teach you about success when they haven’t been able to DO IT FOR THEMSELF?

My company has done over $7.5MM in CASH collected since 2018.

Join me in this intimate setting where I’ll be sharing:

my never-before-told story of who I am, where I came from, and I’ve been creating this success since I was a little girl

what worked (and what didn’t) to help me create a life of true wealth (on my own terms)

the key strategies that helped me breakthrough to this level of massive success

and what it truly takes to bust through the ordinary and become truly extraordinary… a place where you can HAVE IT ALL

Who should join me for this FREE Live Event?

This is for you if...

… you’ve built a successful business you’re proud of, but you want more…

… you think you have to choose between success, love, family, and physical well-being (because you don’t believe you can HAVE IT ALL at the same time)…

… you feel stuck, overwhelmed, burnt out, stressed out, or like you’ve hit a big plateau that you just can’t seem to break through…


8 days after just one coaching call, I raised my fee (after trying for 2 years) and got my first client at my new price. Then just 10 days later, I got two clients in one day! Thank you a thousand times over!!!

– Kellie D.

My life is forever changed by this experience and worth every dollar I invested in myself. Update: I’m in Hawaii working on the documentary film of my dreams. Thank you, Hilary!

– Sara P.

2020 was my best year ever. I took my business from less than a million to 5.4 million and my income went up 5 fold. I accelerated after doing the program realizing how my ‘not good enough’ was getting in my way.

– Ruth G.

From a coaching perspective, your materials are freaking amazing!! I can’t imagine how much time you put into all of this. Thanks for being a fabulous example of excellence! You lit a fire under my butt and I have a wait list of clients wanting to work with me.

– Carol

... and you’re invited.

Friday, March 25, @ 1pm MST.

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