The Reason Most Moms Are Just A Little Unhappy, And What To Do About It!

most moms are just a little unhappy








As the quote goes, “the TRUTH will set you free.” And in this post and video, I’m sharing the TRUTH, that most moms are just a little bit unhappy. Especially those who are ambitious professionally or who are entrepreneurs.
YES… I said it. And it’s totally true!

You may love your kids to the moon and back, but the tasks involved in being a mom are often NOT FUN. We sweep the floor after every meal, negotiate all things instead of just doing them, cook, clean and manage the annoying details of life for other people- the same details we don’t want to even be doing for ourselves.

It’s all a bit UNFUN and overwhelming at times. Add to that- that most women feel guilty for feeling this way and ashamed of it (so therefore keep it to themselves and suffer in silence). Those “truthbombs” are the real reason most moms are just a little unhappy.

Here are the top 5 things to do in order to HAVE IT ALL… And Actually ENJOY it too!
1. Get real with yourself. It’s okay to feel this, so stop feeling ashamed or guilty. No one wants to do this stuff!
2. Have realistic expectations of what life is right now so you aren’t feeling like you are coming up short on all fronts.
3. Let go of perfectionism- life is messy and it’s way more enjoyable to let that shit go!
4. SCHEDULE time for each area of your life so YOU don’t come last and so you can be present in each area of yourlife.
5. Be grateful for what you DO have. This doesn’t mean to minimize the REAL SHIT that bothers or annoys you, but acknowledge it and then shift your focus to what you DO have.

If you are a wife, mom and especially a smart, ambitious biz lady struggling to enjoy all the success you’ve create and feel this is holding you back from playing even BIGGER, schedule a free 30 minute consultation HERE and let us help you. You can have SUCCESS WITHOUT SACRIFICE!

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