Marriage and Relationship Podcast
Marriage and Relationship Podcast

Is your marriage or relationship getting predictable? Why not try a little pleasure seeking? Sounds fun doesn’t it? Who doesn’t want more pleasure in their life- especially in their marriage or relationship?

My special guest today, calls herself a “pleasure junkie,” but she recently decided to replace FOOD and DRINK as her main indulgences and replace them with more meaningful (and healthy) options.

Lisa Steadman was one of my early business mentors but she is also a relationship expert like me. She’s written best selling books, ebooks and is always writing branding copy for her clients. She is truly multi-talented; and when I think of her, I think fancy everything!

But, as you know, I always say, having an amazing relationship begins with you. You have to validate your own feelings and experiences, take charge of your own health, show up in FULL in your relationships and directly ask for what you need. This is how you have a powerful and loving relationship with yourself first! And, when we aren’t doing this, we feel anxious, depressed or resentful and we are likely to eat our feelings and swallow our words – either with food or drink.

On the show today, Lisa shares very candidly her painful relationship with food and her body and how she is finally taking charge. She’s lost weight and that of course, is an achievement worthy of celebrating. But more than that, she is finally feeling in charge of her life- no more PLEASING others and dimming her light to make others feel more comfortable. She is truly living and breathing HOT. HEALTHY & HAPPY.

Lisa’s personal empowerment has paid off in ways she didn’t expect- her marriage is thriving and so is her sex life. I’m so grateful for her willingness to openly share with you.

Tune in to hear more about her journey and how she and her husband are both losing weight and feeling the payoff- especially in the bedroom!  GO LISA!

You can find out more about Lisa at her two websites:
and the company helping her lose the weight is:
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