HS_H3-Podcast-DraftOne of Hilary’s favorite things to do is take our conventional thinking and turn it upside down. This gets us thinking about things in a new way and allows us to break through old habits and patterns of behavior that no longer serve us.

On today’s show, Hilary explores how we invite our lover to lie to us. She brings awareness to our reactions and our presence, our nonverbal expressions and the behavior that scares our lover off and has them telling us what we want to hear instead of what is really going on with them. No one wants to be lied to and no one wants to lie- it doesn’t feel good for either partner so listen in and learn how to promote open and honest communication. Creating a safe environment for the truth to be told is the only way to elicit the truth from each other.

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Hilary Silver, LCSW is a marriage therapist and relationship counselor in Denver, CO, and the creator of Hot, Healthy & Happily Ever After. She specializes in helping men, women and couples learn the secrets of keeping the love and passion alive for the long- term. Visit www.hilarysilver.com for more information!

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