Love languages
Love Languages In Action


Love Languages. That big book not so long ago has made a huge impact on couples around the world. It helped us to see that we each give and receive our love, support, care and attention in different ways- ie, our love languages. In other words, if LOVE IS AN ACTION, it’s how we actively love in our relationships. But sometimes we still have trouble understanding how to actually USE this information in our relationships.

So, in recognition of Valentine’s Day, we are talking about love on today’s show. I’m sharing some of my earliest influences; from the likes of Rollo May, John Powell, M. Scott Peck and Eric Fromm. Stumbling across these original MASTERS and thought leaders in the area of philosophy, therapy and love set me on the path to being who I am today- both personally and professionally.

We are all self-centered beings, that is what it means to be human. But truly loving someone means you are just as concerned about their needs and well being as you are your own. Giving, sharing and showing love to our partners the way that comes naturally to us is easy. It’s giving in the way in which THEY experience it, that is the ultimate act of loving. Doing what doesn’t come easy, stepping outside of our comfort zone to do something our partners will feel, is being an active lover.

To apply the love languages the best you can in your real life- I always suggest just being aware that loving is an action. And in order to choose the best action you need to do the following:

Wake up each day and ask yourself these two questions:

1. What can I do today to love and take care of myself?

2. What can I do today to love and take care of my partner?

Knowing how your partner receives and experiences love is they key! Do what comes naturally for you and then ADD IN the ways in which your partner needs to feel loved. THAT is how to be the Best LOVER you can.

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