Breakups are a bummer. No matter who initiates them or why they’re happening, it’s not fun to go through one. And the only thing worse than a regular breakup is what I call the “breakup blindside”.

What’s Wrong With Me?breakup blindside

Have you ever dated a guy for awhile, and just when you allowed yourself to feel something for him, to get excited about the possibilities, or even begin a sexual affair with him…all of a sudden he became a little distant? Maybe something FELT different, or things just weren’t quite the same anymore.

Then he drops the bomb. He says he overcommitted, and he’s not ready for a relationship. Of course this would happen to you! What the heck?

Well, you’ve been hit by the “breakup blindside.” 

Everything was moving forward; for once you were actually happy and excited. And then it’s like hitting a brick wall, or getting the rug is pulled out from underneath you. It’s a very powerless feeling, and can leave you second-guessing your worth, your actions, and pretty much everything about yourself. 

“What did I do wrong?” 

“Was I not pretty enough, smart enough, funny enough?

“Am I just NOT enough?” 

The Breakup Blindside Feels Like a Punch in the Stomach

The only thing that makes this situation worse? When you find out shortly after your breakup that he already has a new girlfriend, or even that he’s getting married. 

It hurts like a punch in the stomach. I know. I’ve been there!

After this feeling of betrayal, shock, disappointment and serious hurt, it becomes hard to approach a new relationship. How are you supposed to be open, much less ready to let love in again? The walls go up, and you have your love armor on. Once your trust has been shattered, you become guarded.

And that, of course, makes attracting a healthy amazing man into your life (not to mention experiencing deep intimacy and connection) virtually impossible.

Here’s the honest truth. 

When a breakup blindside happens, what he really means is: “I don’t want a relationship with YOU.” 

But WHY not, you wonder? You were an amazing girlfriend, right? Giving, loving, cool. AND you’re a great catch because you’re self-sufficient, independent, successful, and even take good care of yourself to boot.

What more could a man want?

But the truth is, if you are the right girl for him, he’ll get ready fast! And if he’s the right man for you, nothing will stop him from being with you.

When a high-quality man knows what he wants, he goes for it confidently.  

Let Go of Your Old Stories

At Get The Love You Want, we speak with about 40 women each week. They all share their stories with us, and nearly ALL of our clients have experienced a breakup blindside. Some have experienced more than one! Because it’s such a common issue, we teach in depth about why this (and other disappointing patterns and dynamics) happen with men. More importantly, we’ll teach you how to prevent a breakup blindside from ever happening again. 

It’s time to let go of that old story about men fearing commitment. 

It’s time to stop making excuses for the man who let you go. 

More importantly, it’s time to stop making excuses for yourself!

It’s time to stop being stuck in the pattern of failed attempts at love over and over again. It’s finally time to have that amazing man to go home to at the end of the day.

You have to decide, what do you really want for yourself?

Do you want to go from guarded and waiting for the other shoe to drop (which leads to accidentally turning men off and pushing them away) in order to begin attracting and enjoying the company of quality men?

Are you ready to go from settling for crumbs from non-committal men (while also making excuses for them and ignoring red flags), to being courted by men you are actually attracted to and who want the same thing you do?

This kind of transformation is totally possible, but ONLY if you choose it for yourself. It can be YOU he commits to. All you have to do is determine what it is you are doing to create this pattern (and all the problems that come with it) in your life. And once you know, you can change it forever!

Would You Benefit From a Love Breakthrough Call?

We can only help women who are ready to help themselves. When you book a FREE Love Breakthrough call with us, we’ll spend 75-90 minutes with you for FREE. 

On your call, we’ll talk all about your love life obstacles and challenges, as well as what you deeply desire and long for in your life. IF we can help you, we’ll tell you how. But even if we can’t (or if it’s just not a fit for us to work together), you will get more value from this call than a lifetime of therapy!

Just a quick heads up: we are very picky about who we will spend this time. We want to honor your time and our time, so we ask that if you’re applying for this call, you are:

  • A high performing corporate or business woman, scientist, professional woman or similar, who has proven to herself and the world you know how to be successful at work but somehow haven’t figured it out in love.
  • Ready to step out of your comfort zone and do things differently than you have always done – you value personal growth and are COACHABLE.
  • Action-oriented, knowing that healing work and mindset shifts are essential, but not enough- it’s in the action taking and DOING that things start to really shift.
  • Resourceful and 1000% committed, and not give up at the first (or the second or the third) obstacle – keeping your goal in mind knowing that this IS your top priority, and you are not going to let anything or anyone steal this chance from you!
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