How To Be Good In Bed
How To Be Good in Bed Podcast Episode # 126


How To Be Good In Bed! Well, being good in bed isn’t a natural talent for most of us. Being good in bed requires knowledge and skill, so if you want to be truly good in bed, here are my three fast and fun tips! (they even rhyme to make remembering easy)

It can be difficult to feel truly confident doing we figure out on our own and something that is so personal and private. The only feedback we get is from our partners and they aren’t always honest or reliable because offering sexual feedback is a touchy subject.

Take charge of your sexual expression!

  1. Educate

Educate yourself about all things sex. This includes your own anatomy and physiology as well as your partners. What are the sensitive body parts, the functioning parts and what happens to those parts during sexual activity? There is a lot of misinformation and misconceptions about male and female anatomy. The more you know, the better you can respond and engage with your partner.

2. Eliminate

Eliminate and remove any and all barriers or obstacles that get in the way of your total sexual freedom. For some people that means doing trauma healing work if there was any kind of sexual abuse or trauma. But this also means, working on insecurities about your body, your sexual ‘performance’ and your emotional attachments to your partner. Being in your head during sex will keep you from enjoying it because you won’t be completely present. Intrusive unwanted thoughts are a distraction .

Body image issues, anxiety, fear, insecurity all impact your ability to be present and share yourself through your body with your partner. Your mind is totally elsewhere. You won’t be able to enjoy and your partner will feel you are somewhere else.

3. Masturbate

Yes, I said it! The “M word.” Oooh, it’s so taboo, even in our adult lives and in our relationships. We all do it and most of us have been doing it since we were little- so carry on!

Simply put, if you can’t please yourself it’s unfair to expect your partner to please you. Get in touch with your own body, sensations and responses. Know what you like and don’t like, what feels good and what doesn’t… then bring this information into the bedroom. Move with your partner in a way that will allow you to experience satisfaction and you must communicate (verbally or non verbally) to your partner.
Tune into the podcast for more explanation about HOW TO BE GOOD IN BED!

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