Look back on all the relationships you’ve had in the past. You can probably list all the red flags you ignored with each guy, right? So much so, that it might even make you cringe or feel like kicking yourself now. I’ve know the feeling! And even though it’s easy to say that hindsight is 20/20….

There’s more to it than that!

Let’s Be Brutally Honest

If you’re brutally honest with yourself, you know you saw these problems at the time. Rather than listening to your intuitive, however, you chose to push forward anyway. You dismissed your concerns, minimized the issues, and blindly refused to acknowledge what you already knew was true.

The relationship was no good, and you needed to get out.

I know. It’s a bitter pill to swallow.

You’re not alone! We’ve all done it, and not just in love. All too often, we ignore red flags in other relationships or experiences as well. We have that little nagging voice inside that tries to warn us from proceeding…but we push forward anyhow. There’s an uneasy sense about taking a new job or accepting a new project at work; we hesitate before saying yes to doing a favor we really don’t want to do. But then, we push that small voice away and do it anyways.

The Cost of Ignoring Red Flags

Here’s the truth. When you ignore red flags, you are turning your back on yourself.

That is self-betrayal, which is the worst kind of betrayal in the world. Why? Because it teaches you that you can’t trust yourself to pick a great guy. It makes you think that you aren’t capable of having a healthy, loving relationship. Ultimately, you end up creating a pattern of bad situation after bad situation.

And no matter how many red flags you sense, or how large those flags are — you don’t allow yourself to respond to them.

One of the major reasons you’re doing this?

You’re too tied to the outcome. You want the relationship to work out, or you want the guy to be something he’s not. You want to believe that everything is going to be perfect, or that THIS time love is real. So you just put on your blinders and rose colored glasses and proceed.

Deep inside, however, you know better.

Get the Love You Want

In Get The Love You Want, I teach my clients how to change all of this!

We deal with the part of you that wants the relationship so badly that you don’t listen to your self. We explore what’s happening when you don’t honor yourself. Along the way, you’ll learn how to start trusting yourself, and then you’ll feel confident because you know, without a doubt, how to navigate dating with ease and grace. It becomes easy breezy and effortless.


Our clients have stopped life time-based patterns of behavior ingrained in their relationship with men over the course of DAYS (yes, days!). They’ve learned to attract a higher caliber of men (who actually pursue them!). They get to pick which guy they want to be in a relationship with. Best of all, they trust themselves every step of the way!

So if you are ready to:

  • Stop ignoring the red flags that lead to disappointment and heartache.
  • Feel confident, certain and totally sure of yourself.


  • Trust yourself to pick a great guy and to be healthy in a relationship (no more messing it up, relying on hindsight, and making the same mistakes)…


then book your free Love Breakthrough session with us!

My team and I want to speak with you about where you’ve been going wrong. We want to uncover the obstacles you keep running into, and clarify how to finally get past them so you can let true, healthy love into your life.


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