getting turned on
Getting Turned On

Getting Turned On. We’d like to think that it’s our partner’s responsibility to turn us on. They are sexy or are making the moves in a way that lights us up. And when this happens, it’s great. But the problem is when it’s not happening. Partners get stuck in blaming each other for a lack of desire.

But, you’ve heard me say it before… you are responsible for your own feelings. That includes of course, feeling desire, arousal and your interest in sex.

Getting turned on isn’t as easy as you might think for so many people. The daily grind of chores, kids, clutter and chaos can take it’s toll on our desire for sex and for experiencing each other in this way. But where your focus goes… grows. If you continue to focus on how your partner is messy or how he/she disappointed you or how they are clumsy at initiating sex…then you are actively turning yourself off! Pay attention to what you are focusing on and shift to not only positive qualities of your partner but to really put yourself in the mood, give yourself some time outside the bedroom to start thinking about or even viewing or reading erotic materials.
I want to remind you… it is NOT your partner’s responsibility to turn you on, it’s YOURS. Getting turned on is entirely up to you and then together you can take it from there! When both of you are each accountable for yourselves, things will really light up in the bedroom.

On this week’s episode, I share a fun story that demonstrates just HOW we turn ourselves on and off–to help make you more aware of how you are doing this in your own life. Tune in and squirm or laugh a little, and listen to my tips for getting yourself IN THE MOOD!




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