Get Unstuck From A Problem With These 3 Steps!

Get Unstuck From A Problem




In this Facebook Video, I share the 3 Steps for getting past a problem in your life or relationship! It’s so easy for all of us to blame our partners for our unhappiness, blame our genetics for a weight problem or to blame the universe for our bad luck or misfortune. We only see how it’s “their” fault and we wait for them to change- or we accept our lot in life and just complain about it and carry it around like a heavy load on our backs.

But this kind of thinking makes us a victim. And, when it is the fault of someone or something – then we are to remain stuck and there is nothing we can do about it. It’s waiting for our spouse to change so we can be happier. It’s putting the power in someone else’s hands for us to have what it is we want.

On the other hand, taking responsibility for ourselves and our role is empowering. We CAN create change so long as we are accountable for what WE are doing to contribute to the problem.

Step 1: Stop Blaming…  period.

Step 2: Ask Yourself- “what am I doing to contribute to this problem?” I promise you it is something. You ARE doing something… even if it’s that you are allowing this to happen or are doing nothing to change- you ARE doing something.

Step 3: Figure out what you are getting out of having this problem in your life. There is no way you will ever let go of a problem if there is a subconscious reason that you need to have it in your life. If the problem seems to be serving some purpose for you– then you will sabotage your efforts to change every time! Because, you are afraid to live your life without this problem for SOME REASON! So figure out what that is- and KNOW you can get your need met in some other more productive way.


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