Leslie came to us with years of self-improvement work under her belt since her divorce, but was still having the same outcome when it came to life and dating. She had all of the intellectual knowledge, but didn’t know how to connect everything together. Leslie was beating herself up for knowing better, but not doing better and still being stuck.

She struggled to find emotionally available and healthy men or men who would make her a priority instead of work. Leslie experienced trauma in her past and was on anxiety medicine nearly her entire adult life and within 3 weeks of the LOVE + Be Loved Program she went off of them! 

Leslie was able to acknowledge these events were a part of her story and made her who she is, but did not define her. Leslie also learned that she has control over her choices and doesn’t have to be accommodating to please others. With these new skills she was able to have a tough and direct conversation with a man she was in limbo with whether they were to pursue a relationship or remain friends. She decided what she wanted and was able to move on instead of waiting for him.

Leslie became good friends with other group members and with their support began online dating. She went out with a couple guys she knew weren’t right, listened to her gut and didn’t pursue them further, but did hit it off with one gentleman and they’ve been dating ever since. She is thrilled to have finally found someone who is on the same emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical level. In this new relationship she trusts herself, feels in control and can be present and in the moment.

Leslie’s advice: If you’re thinking about it just do it! If you think you’ve tried it all, but are still stuck then you have to do it for yourself. It wasn’t about finding a man it was about finding me and loving me first.

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