Are you dating during Covid-19? Do you have a lot of self-doubt and second guessing? Not sure how to handle it all? Maybe you’re even wondering, “Why bother?”.

Dating during Covid-19

Trouble With Trust

If you’re majorly struggling to date while also dealing with Covid-19, it might mean you’re having trouble trusting yourself. After all, you need to:

  • Make decisions and act in ways that are in your best interest, while….
  • Picking a great guy instead of another dud, and…
  • Navigate dating and ideally sustaining a long term healthy relationship….
  • All while in the midst of a global pandemic!

It’s likely you’ve found yourself overanalyzing a LOT. You might be living with anxiety and uncertainty. This is especially true now, with social distancing our new norm! 

Covid-19 Dating Questions

You’re likely wondering:

  • How long do we message each other when we can’t get together in person?
  • CAN we get together in person, or do we follow the pandemic rules?
  • When we can finally meet, do we stand 6 feet apart?
  • Are these men just lonely and wanting to fill the void? Or are they sincere about wanting a real relationship?
  • Do I even pursue dating right now, or should I just wait until this is all behind us?

So many questions, so much uncertainty! But here’s the real question:

If you were this uncertain in your job, would you be as successful as you are?

A big fat NO, right? 

So that is a major problem. If you aren’t certain of yourself, your worth or what you are doing, how can you be successful?

You can’t. It’s that simple!

Add in Regular Dating Drama

You can add all those Covid-19 questions above to the typical dating self-doubt, second guessing, and experiences. For example:

  • Feeling lost, confused or clueless as to why the men you are interested in don’t pursue you. (While the ones you aren’t interested in do…) 
  • Having a great first date but then not getting asked for a second.
  • Getting about a month or two in, and right when you allow yourself to get excited, it fizzles. He ghosts you or backpedals and says he’s not really ready for a relationship.

Dating is just a lot to deal with!

However, I’d like to make the case that right now is the BEST TIME to stop the madness and do something about it. Even during Covid-19? YES! You can’t change what you don’t understand isn’t working. I don’t care how smart, successful or accomplished you are. You can’t see the tip of your own nose right now and you need help!

No Woman Should Date Alone

We believe “No Woman Should Date Alone!” Especially right now during Covid-19, when everything is new and different and weird. Book a Free Love Breakthrough call with us so we can help you get super clear about how to navigate dating during Covid-19. We’ll help you figure out what is actually going on in your relationships. Plus, we’ll show you the quickest path to breaking this cycle of drama and disappointment.

You will get more a-ha’s in this 75-90 minutes than you’ve had in the last 15-20 years of self-help or counseling! 

But here’s the catch… this call is not for everyone.

We are absolutely booked solid right now. And honestly, we only have a few spots left for this coming week. As a result, we’re only willing to speak to you if you:

  1. Are ready and committed to making your happiness and your love life a priority RIGHT NOW! There is nothing more important than this. You know it’s holding you back from living your fullest potential. You can feel that something is missing, and it’s keeping you from being as happy as you could be. But now, you are done settling for having “Everything But Love!”
  2. Have finally realized that YOU are the common denominator in your love life. Because you value personal growth and being the best version of yourself possible, you are ready to see what you’ve been doing and CHANGE IT fast!
  3. Are solid and established in other areas of your life (professionally, socially, emotionally and financially). You are able to focus on creating the results that you want – and to invest your time, energy and finances into achieving this goal! 

These limited spots will fill up quickly! If you meet the criteria above… then we would love to help you.

Book your call HERE!!!

Change Your Covid-19 Story

Imagine how it would feel to wake up every morning and not feel the anxiety and burden of self doubt and constantly second guessing yourself. Imagine you wake up feeling totally free, relaxed, easy breezy and sure of yourself. It’s life changing! Don’t go another day without feeling like you have all you need to be just as successful in love as you are in all the other areas of your life.


PS – I recently found out THREE of our alumni are moving in with their SOUL MATES this week! Big celebrations for us here… that can be YOU!


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