There are two common doubts high achieving women have when it comes to creating a lasting loving relationship. And we’re not talking a relationship with just any guy. We’re talking about a lasting relationship with a man who is fully at your level.

Most Common Doubts

So, which doubts resonate most for you?

Do you sometimes worry that you are you too much for a man? Or is it more likely that you’ll feel not enough for him? Or for a super fun combination….do you vacillate between the two? Somedays you feel like you’re way too much, and the next day you worry you’re really just not enough.

Either way, these doubts are highly destructive for your own self worth and happiness. However, the behaviors attached to that kind of mindset are at the root of all the dating disappointment women experience.

Let me say it again: ALL the dating disappointment you have comes from the mindset these doubts create.

The Impact of Doubts

When you fear you are too much, you shrink yourself down and make yourself small. You’re doing this so you don’t scare him away. This means you filter yourself. You speak less, try to be less opinionated, and diminish your vibrancy. In fact, you go out of your way to seem less strong-minded because who *know* that who you are will overwhelm him.

When you fear you are not enough, you shape-shift. You bend yourself into a pretzel like a contortionist in the name of trying to make yourself into the kind of woman this high quality man would be attracted to. You’re desperately trying to avoid imposter syndrome because you *know* deep down that YOU, as you are, are not enough.

It’s shocking when you think that women who run multi-million dollar companies, lead teams of employees, or conduct life-saving surgeries would behave this way with men. But it happens all the time.


Kicking These Common Doubts to the Curb

It’s such a vast contradiction to live with being strong, confident and empowered at work…but showing up with men as someone who is diminished, uncertain and insecure. If you’ve done it before, you know how awful it feels. You also likely know how hard it can be to STOP letting it happen!

Even when you tell yourself things are going to be different, it seems like they just never change.

If this sounds familiar, then I want you to know that this is NO way to live. Whether you have a loving partner, or are still seeking your soulmate. The relationship with YOU is what is missing. You’ve let this negative mindset and common doubts take over your life. They’ve likely been a part of your inner dialogue for a long time. Like your entire life! In fact, these common doubts are often dating back to early experiences you had growing up.

That’s why Get The Love You Want is focused on the root cause of all the relationship disappointment, hurt and let down. Instead of offering quick fix, band aid solutions, we focus in on what actually matters. After all, you can’t “positive self-talk” your way out of this. Trying to get away with just changing your behavior alone is like white knuckling through a bad habit.

Core Level Change

You must seek change at the core level. Retraining your brain and how you are used to thinking is BRAIN SCIENCE, and it’s exactly what we do in our program. It’s also why the work we do is LIFE CHANGING. And we’re not just talking about love life changing.

This work changes everything about how you show up for yourself in your life. We believe in getting to the root of your self-talk and common doubts because we believe so strong that no woman should spend a single day of her life talking to herself like that.

So if you are:

  • Ready to change the way you think about yourself at the CORE level…
  • Prepared to be highly confident ALL THE TIME and in ALL AREAS of your life (and not just at work)…
  • Ready to make your happiness and love life a priority right NOW…


  • Finally attract a high quality man, KEEP HIM and launch into the most fulfilling passionate relationship you’ve ever had (even if that sounds impossible or scary right now)…

Book your Love Breakthrough session with us NOW

This shift absolutely has to happen if you want to experience a deeply loving and connected relationship with a high quality man. A man who is truly at your level. A man you can finally be your full self with; no more doubts or worries.

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