Finding THE ONE ...
starts with BECOMING THE ONE!

Register for this LIVE
2-Day Masterclass Event for $222!

April 19-20 | Noon MST

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To find "The ONE" you must first

 In this course, I’ll be guiding your healing, learning, growing and becoming…

We’re shifting the focus away from superficial and harmful ‘how to get the guy’ tactics and instead…

focusing on becoming your most ideal,
extraordinary, authentic,
vulnerable, vibrant, loving,
feminine and empowered self…

What’s Included: 

2 LIVE Value-Packed 90-Minute Sessions over 2 Days of Training 

Gorgeous Workbook Download, including exercises, journal prompts, and more!

Recordings available for 72 hrs after the event

Register for this LIVE 2-Day Masterclass Event for $222!
(Pricing will go up)  

April 19-20 | Noon MST

Becoming the One

Some of what you will learn:

Why powerful women end up chasing avoidant, unavailable, noncommittal or narcissistic men and how to shift this painful dynamic quickly.

Identifying your subconscious emotional blocks that prevent the connection you desire.

Healing old wounds that create fear, resistance and ambivalence about experiencing intimacy and being vulnerable. 

Challenging your belief systems about who you are, who you’re supposed to be and what is possible for you.

Manifesting principles so you know how to get what you want instead of taking what you can get! 

Register for this LIVE 2-Day Masterclass Event for $222!

April 19-20 | Noon MST

What Women Are Saying About Becoming The One

The unconventional approach to finding

Go beyond the superficial tactics and manipulation strategies to the root cause and core issues keeping you stuck in love!

This is a SIMPLE yet PROFOUND + PROVEN method that has helped countless women find love.

Register for this LIVE 2-Day Masterclass Event for $222!

I’m Hilary.

I’m a clinical psychotherapist turned master coach, mentor, entrepreneur, and CEO.

I’ve spent the last 20 years of my career, motivating, inspiring and teaching my clients how to cultivate a rock solid, unshakeable relationship with themselves and witnessing them step into their most authentic, empowered, and capable selves.

And after working with thousands of clients in the last two decades, what I KNOW FOR SURE… is you can have everything you want, you just have to become that version of yourself who knows how to make it happen.

“Hilary Silver's program is intense and unlike anything I've ever seen or done before. The inner work makes you dig deep, identify past unhealthy patterns and given the tools the program provides, teaches you how to change them. I firmly believe that this program has empowered me to not only be truly authentic and real with my relationships, but also improve my overall life. I'm excited for this next chapter of my life. Thanks Hilary!!"

~Leslie Paris

“Hillary’s program helped me realize what I needed to work on within myself. I needed help. Through her program, I was able to work past all of the negative feelings and thoughts. With Hillary and her amazing program, I found the love for MYSELF, and I found the love of my life!!”

~Janelle Ketelhut

“Thanks to Hilary Silver and her amazing program, I now have the relationship of my dreams. I’m here to say that if you do the work, really put everything into it, you will have the relationship you’re seeking.”

~Patty Greene

"Thank you Hilary Silver for helping me become more myself than I’ve ever been so that I could find someone who I can share forever with, and who knows the real and true me!!!"

~ Missy Renee

“Working with Hilary was one of the first big investments I made and in doing that kind of work. You WILL get a return on investment in your life. Your life will improve drastically by doing this program.”

~Jamie Harmon

“I wish I had found Hilary four years ago, instead of wasting time and money on counseling. I think Hilary should be a mandatory real life high school/college course. Hilary is and has been like changing for me. I still have work to do, but I know she’s got my back!”

~Brenda Glassmaker

“I will be forever grateful for the guidance, teaching, coaching, Inspiration, transformation and love you and your program have offered me. Your program provided the guidance to dig in deep, while also giving a focused guided plan of what to do next after all the digging. I am forever changed to a confident, empowered, fearless woman who is prepared for whatever life brings because I now truly believe that I will always have my own back. I’ve got ME!”



You will receive a Zoom link via email after you purchase your ticket. 

Recordings will be available for 48 hrs after the event. 

No, this is a LIVE event and all purchases are final. 

Register for this LIVE 2-Day Masterclass Event for $222! 

April 19-20 | Noon MST

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