I’m going to make a totally BOLD statement today. There are A LOT of dating coaches, love coaches or “relationship experts” out there in the online world. You can find them everywhere on social media, and even traditional media outlets. My best guess is that a mere 5% of them actually know what they are talking about.

Who Are You Really Investing In?

Did you know it only takes a 6 week program to become a coach? I know it’s kind of appalling, but it’s true. In just 6 weeks anyone can get the title of Life Coach. And once they’ve spent that 6 weeks, this person is to be trusted to care for the deepest most intimate and tender parts of people’s emotional worlds.

The coaching industry has no regulation at all. There is no regulatory agency to make sure that coaches are being ethical, get continuing education or actually know what they are doing. And nowhere for customers to go to report abuses. So everyday, men and women who are struggling to find answers, guidance, help or support for what can be extremely painful life or relationship problems are vulnerable to falling in with someone who SAYS they are an expert. But in reality, they may actually not know what they are doing at all.

At best, this delays people from getting results and resolution they seek. In addition, it wastes precious time and money. It keeps people stuck in their painful problems. At worst, further damage is done when clients are given misinformation, are shamed, blamed or further emotionally wounded. A well-meaning coach who doesn’t know what they are talking about can cause tons of damage.

My Bold Statement: I’m The Best In The World

My team and I speak with 40 women a week who are in search of answers. They want to know why they are able to be so successful professionally, but can’t seem to find a loving healthy relationship. We hear these horror stories all the time.
I’m often appalled and heartbroken when I hear all the time and money wasted with ‘so-called experts’. For too many women, their suffering has been prolonged, which has made them weary of trusting anyone else to help them and exhausted from all the trying!

So here’s my bold statement: I’m the BEST in the world at helping women.

I help them to:
+ love themselves unconditionally.
+ accept themselves without exception.
+ trust themselves to make decisions (in all areas of their lives).
+ become empowered to get the LOVE they want and ALSO get the LIFE they want.

I’m actually one of the most successful, acclaimed and sought after coaches in the world. Why? Because I’M A TRUE EXPERT.

Here’s what makes me the REAL DEAL:

1. I have the education, certifications and rigorous training of being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker- which is 4 years of earning a Master’s degree, having my clinical work supervised by mentors and experienced clinicians.

2. I have studied with masters in the fields of trauma, addictions, family therapy, sex and marriage therapy and more.

3. I have honestly worked with thousands of REAL CLIENTS in the last nearly 2 decades as a therapist in my private practice. (Lots of people say they have helped thousands but it’s BS. Blogging doesn’t count as helping people)

4. I walk the walk. I’ve been with my husband for 20 years and I actually know what it takes to attract your soul mate, launch into a healthy relationship right from the start and keep the love and passion alive for the long term. This is even through serious life challenges and everyday stressors.

5. Most importantly, our program has gotten real TANGIBLE results for women. LIFE CHANGING results. They become happier, more fulfilled, and more confident. From that place of being their most ideal self they attract the love of their lives. They also begin to enjoy beautiful intimacy and connection with truly wonderful men.

Why does this matter and why am I telling you this?

Being Educated is Key

Whether you ever reach out to us for help or not, I want you to be educated when choosing who you listen to for guidance. And I want you be especially careful about who you hire for help. I know it can be confusing. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there. Plus there’s all the hype coming from social media darlings who post selfies showing glamorous homes, clothes, bodies and lifestyles. They want you to believe that they can help…but none of that is real. Honestly, none of that matters.

And BTW, here’s one last tip. You know the “love coach” who posts revealing photos of big cleavage or body parts and tons of over-the-top selfies? Yeah, they’re more driven by a need to be SEEN and get attention (can you say narcissism?) than they are of actually being able to help.

Are you ready to REALLY get unstuck in love (and maybe other areas of your life too)? Want to finally make the changes you need to make so you can GET THE LOVE YOU WANT?  Just know you can trust me! It may seem like a bold statement, but it’s true. My longevity and track record speak for itself, and I’d love to connect with you! Over on Instagram, I put out all sorts of great content, including lives on my IGTV channel. Join me?

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