Confident Communication: How to get what you want without damaging your relationshipsWant to be the Best Lover you can be? I’m not talking about how to satisfy your lover in bed with amazing technique and smooth moves. I’m actually talking about how to LOVE the best you can; how to be the BEST LOVER to your partner that you can possibly be. And it’s actually quite simple.

We are all innately self-focused. From the very first moment we wake up in the morning, we are thinking about ourselves; what we want to eat, wear or do today. Throughout the rest of the day we are mostly seeing the world through our own eyes and considering our own perspectives. So it follows that we are also likely to be giving to our partners in the ways that we do naturally. Of course, everyone sees things the way we do, right? Of course, everyone wants the same things we do, right? WRONG!

When you insist upon giving to your partner the things YOU find valuable and loving, he or she may actually miss the gestures completely because they identify, understand and receive love differently than you do. So it is essential to know 1. the ways in which you show and demonstrate love and 2. the ways your partner understands and identifies love- which may be different than you!

Once you know this about your partner you must carry on giving as you normally do- because that is easy. But you MUST add in 3-5 times a week, gestures in your partner’s style so it registers with him/her.

So, each morning when you wake up, I want you to ask yourself just two very simple but important questions:

  1. what will I do today to take care of myself and love myself?
  1. what will i do today to take care of and love my partner?

That’s it? I said it was simple!


THIS is how you are the BEST LOVER you can be- by giving your love in the way your partner needs to receive it. Because it requires effort and an extension beyond yourself- that is what loving actually is.


Watch the video for a more expansive explanation!



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