My Approach

introducing A ‘coach approach’ with roots grounded in psychological (yeah, actual) science.

This is where deep personal growth meets practical advice and action steps for real tangible change!

Dwelling on the problem

Feeling better

Asking “why”


Focusing on past

Telling the same old story

Focusing on the solution

BEING better

Asking What and How!


Obsessing on future

Writing a new story

I believe...

If what you are seeking (love, happiness, money, inner peace, promotions) remains elusive or feels just beyond your reach… it’s YOU who is blocking it.

We are always our own biggest obstacle.
Getting past that truth is the hardest part… it requires a deep level of honesty-with-self that isn’t always possible without (expert) help.

It’s tough news. But it’s also DAMN GOOD NEWS. Because if you’re the problem then you are the solution!

The rest is a matter of learning a new way of thinking, feeling, believing and behaving so you can get out of your own way and have everything your heart desires. Whatever the f*ck you want.

ready to finally move beyond the ‘why’ and do something about it?

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