i know what it feels like

to want

Does a healthy, happy relationship seem out of reach?

Do you worry you’ll never reach that next level of success?

I know how you feel.

And I have over 20 years of experience helping women just like you truly HAVE IT ALL.

I’m Hilary.

Here’s what you should know about me:

I’m a clinical psychotherapist who had a busy and successful private practice for 15 years

“Discovered” coaching and realized I’ve always been a coach but just didn’t know it (that’s why my clients got results!)

Closed my practice and launched online coaching, wellness and empowerment company for women in 2017

I now mentor the most amazing women & witness life changing transformations

I have grown my company to multi million dollar success and experienced my own transformation 

All the while, wifing to my hunky hubby and momming my two wonderful kids (+ one fur baby)

Want to know if I'm the

real deal?

Meet the team!

Our Enrollment Team




Our Elite Coaching Team

Katie Pearson

Katie Pearson’s passion is personal transformation on all levels: mind, body and spirit. She’s worked in the holistic wellness industry for nearly 25 years, specializing in women’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Katie is a speaker, published writer, business owner and book lover.  She is also an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation.

Heather Gray

As a therapist and coach, Heather Gray has been helping women get out of their own way for the past twenty years. Working with you in Ready for Love, Heather will help you identify the self-sabotaging ways you have been holding yourself back and playing small. You’ll step into your truth and take unapologetic control over your life.


Sherrie is a therapist turned coach with 30+ years of experience working with clients. She is best known for her body of work that she calls ‘the little who,’ which helps people expand their emotional intelligence and heal their inner child all to help end self sabotage and allow us to become our best selves.    

Noelle Pedace

As a master coach and having 1000s of coaching sessions under her belt, Noelle uses the wealth of knowledge she possesses regarding human emotion and behavior to provide compassionate coaching backed up by logic. She is honest, direct and is a firm believer that we as human beings have the power to change anything we desire in our lives if given the proper tools. Her compassion for others is the driving force behind the work that she does.

Our Admin Team


Leila is our Director of Operations, Project Manager and Client Concierge. Thank goodness for Leila, who keeps all the many pieces in place and makes our lives easier! 

Olivia Auzenne


Loyal companion and fierce guard dog. When Lola’s not alerting us of passersby or packages being delivered, she always makes sure Hilary gets off her butt and gets some fresh air.

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