I’m Hilary.

Trusted private advisor, mentor, confidant & inspirator to the world’s most remarkable women…

Visionary female founders, CEOs and entrepreneurs who are fiercely and unapologetically ambitious in the pursuit of their infinite potential.

I closed my wait-listed, word-of-mouth therapy practice of 15 years in 2017 and launched an online coaching company that reached a global audience, served over 1000 actual women and generated $8M in revenue in just 4 years.

I curate paradigm-shifting communities for a new class of top performing women who crave connection and proximity to one another—and I’m the provocateur for intelligent, brave, raw and status-quo disrupting conversations.

Did you know…

The biggest limiting factor of any business is the psychology of the business owner.

I support visionary female founders to expand their self- concept and identity so they can increase their own capacity to operate at the next level.

In other words, I help you be all you can be so you can do and have all you desire in life and business!

I can help with Strategy AND Psychology.

  • Creating new strategies and pathways for additional revenue
  • Optimizing existing strategies to be more effective & efficient
  • Sales conversion conversations and pricing
  • Hiring and expanding your team
  • Scaling, leveraging and delegating
  • Systems and process implementation
  • Mindset, confidence, clarity and certainty
  • Money blocks and reprogramming all limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Manifesting energetics and the spirituality of success
  • Being the BOSS
  • Personal and love relationship breakthroughs
  • Handling tricky situations and conversations with clients or team

AND, by creating a magical playground where women like you come together in shared values to forge friendships, do deals together, generate next level wealth and do good in the world. 

I’ve done all this without sacrificing my well-being, my lifestyle and my health- AND while being wife to my partner of 22 years and mom to my two teenage kids!

My life is forever changed by this experience and worth every dollar I invested in myself. Update: I’m in Hawaii working on the documentary film of my dreams. Thank you, Hilary!

– Sara P.

2020 was my best year ever. I took my business from less than a million to 5.4 million and my income went up 5 fold. I accelerated after doing the program realizing how my ‘not good enough’ was getting in my way.

– Ruth G.

Join us!

VIP Mastermind

A high-vibe business mastermind for serious and established multi 6 figure entrepreneurial women who are ready to quantum leap their income to 7 figures and beyond. 

This is an elite class of women who are already doing well in business and are destined to transcend the ordinary and step into EXTRAORDINARY in business and all areas of life.


1:1 Private Access

I take on a few private clients at a time. This is for men and women who wish to have me as private advisor on all things love, life and business so they aren’t alone as they build their dream. 

I’ve been called ‘the highly trained professional disguised as the friend you want.’ 

Let’s do this together!


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real deal?

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