Affairs can happen to even happy marriages and there is no fool-proof way to affair-proof your marriage but having friends of the opposite sex is one way to put your marriage at risk.

In my opinion, opposite-sex friends should be avoided but here are 5 Rules To Follow To Protect your marriage, if you DO have old friends or new friends of the opposite sex

1. Always Include Your Spouse In Your Friendship
2. It’s Better To Make “Couple” Friends and only spend one-on-one time with the same-sex
3. Never ever discuss relationship problems with an opposite-sex friend- that is intimacy reserved for just your spouse, a therapist or a friend who is an ally of the marriage.
4. Nothing about this friend should be kept a secret from your spouse. If you have nothing to hide- then don’t hide anything.
5. Should there ever be a moment where the two of you cross a line, end the friendship immediately.

Temptation is everywhere and with social media and live streaming it’s even easier to make connections with other people. This is a wonderful thing so long as the boundaries you have around your relationship are ROCK SOLID.

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