Couples often don’t know how to deal with tough times, tragedy or crisis and this can create a wedge and chasm between them that is sometimes not reparable. But in order to navigate all of life’s ups and downs, you must learn how to do this as a team, as confidants and as lovers– so that these experiences bring you together instead of divide you.On this week’s episode of Hot, Healthy & Happily Ever After, Hilary gets super personal yet again, as she shares the toughest, most stressful time in her marriage. Learn how she and her husband got through it and came out the other side of the experience stronger than ever.

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Hilary Silver, LCSW is a marriage therapist and relationship counselor in Denver, CO, and the creator of Hot, Healthy & Happily Ever After. She specializes in helping men, women and couples learn the secrets of keeping the love and passion alive for the long- term. Visit for more information!


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