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Hi, I’m Hilary Silver
The Relationship & Intimacy Expert

You CAN Have Big Success Without Sacrifice
Let Me Show You How

Hi, I’m Hilary. I’m the relationship expert and advisor to ambitious, high-performing women. I help my clients make themselves a priority despite the demands of business or family and have a kick-ass marriage while pursuing their purpose with fierce determination. They transform their relationships and create balance and harmony, so they can have the big success they dream of, without sacrificing their health and well-being, their needs or their relationships.

As a result of our work together, my clients make more money, have stronger and happier relationships and find freedom and fulfillment by

  • Developing radical self-love and cultivating killer self-confidence
  • Quitting all the people-pleasing, perfecting and caring so much what other people think
  • Ditching the ‘shoulds,’ shame and shitty inner critic & the behavior patterns that go with it
  • Getting clear about who they really are and what they really want so they can feel totally fulfilled
  • Stopping the lying and hiding or playing small and start SHOWING UP for themselves and in their relationships
  • Becoming their own BFF, vocal advocate and standing up for themselves without losing relationships
  • Creating greater intimacy, spark and connection with their (potential) partners & feeling worthy of true love
  • Speaking their truth in the world and making themselves a priority despite the demands of family and business

I support and mentor the whole woman, with a focus on the relationship with yourself, the relationship you have with your love partner and the relationships your have with your clients and your business. Mastering the flow of energy and synergy in these 3 areas of your life allows you to achieve your highest potential and actually ENJOY the success you have achieved.

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Anjanette Fennell

Working with Hilary has been like a breath of fresh air! Not only do I feel fully understood, she has given the tools to help me finally recognise my own patterns and triggers in the moment (which is HUGE). This new awareness has allowed me to connect with my truth and feel braver in sharing it with my partner while being open to his experience. For the first time ever, I feel freed from the unconscious cycle of miscommunication and unrealistic expectations I’d helped create in my relationship. Thank you!!


Nicole Sugihara

Hilary is an absolute gem! She is a straight shooter and knows her stuff! I have done private sessions with her and her women’s group; both were great experiences. Hilary helped me when I was on the brink of serious relationship disaster and helped me work through some heavy issues and get a new viewpoint on many aspects of my marriage. Working with her is an honor and I’d do it again (but hopefully I won’t have to for serious stuff)! Thank for everything you do and the contribution you are to the world!


Hilary’s program is a complete game changer for my relationship with my husband! She is passionate and brilliant at what she does, and also extremely relatable. She walks you through the steps and breaks down what it takes to be in a healthy relationship – to show up and feel heard. Hilary digs deep and delivers all you need to know to have a thriving relationship.


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