After 15 years as a clinical psychotherapist, Hilary closed her thriving practice to launch an online coaching company dedicated to helping smart single women be just as successful in their loves lives as they are in the rest of their lives.

Hilary single-handedly grew the company to global success, generated over $9 Million in revenue in 5 years with an unheard of 65% profitability.

The legacy of Hilary’s company is a community of high achieving women who are having authentic, vulnerable and radically honest conversations AND where they are both supported and celebrated.

Hilary is the heart of paradigm-shifting communities within which women are emboldened, fully expressed, and fiercely, unapologetically themselves.

She is the provocateur for a new class of women longing for brave, intelligent, and status quo-shifting conversations and meaningful, authentic connection.

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what women have to say about Hilary

My expansive 22+ year career as a clinical therapist, master coach, mentor, advisor and business strategist means I support my clients in ALL areas of life and business.

My programs, mentoring, coaching & communities are for those who are committed to becoming their most evolved and capable selves, to achieving their fullest potential and living their most compelling lives. 

My clients understand the value of mentorship and proximity… and know the investment is both necessary and priceless.



An elite private membership of the most accomplished 6 & 7 figure female founders and entrepreneurs  ever assembled.

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